The Exempt Development

The last of the 3 approval options available is the Exempt Development.

As the name suggests, this covers works where no consent is required and you can proceed without any approvals. It is extremely important to first confirm your fitout project meets the criteria of an Exempt Development before starting as it you do and then find out your project falls outside the parameters, it can be very difficult and costly to rectify the situation.

Unfortunately, the range of items that meet the Exempt Development criteria are very limited, particularly with commercial fitout/refurbishment projects, so more often than not, you will will need to proceed with a DA/CC or a CDC. However, it is worth investigating just encase you do.

The criteria for an Exempt Development is listed on the NSW Government Legislation website ( and search for exempt development. However, I would also suggest you speak to someone qualified to provide you with some advice before moving ahead.