New On-Line Client Interface and Video

VideoStillThere is a saying that "the quality of the communication determines the quality of the outcome” and this is never more true than for the interior fitout industry.

As a way to improve the delivery to our clients, we wanted a web-based software program to help us organise, track, and communicate all of the details that will come together for the finished product. After lots of searching, we found the perfect tool that happened to be designed for custom home builders.

In some of the promotional material, you'll see some terms that sound more residentially-focused. However, the system works extremely well with commercial fitouts and allows us to keep our clients totally up to speed with each project from anywhere with internet access and is perfect for interstate projects.

The end result is we remove all the stress and surprises normally associated with complex building projects and allows our clients to relax and enjoy the process.

Click to watch video.