Professional Commercial Fitouts in Sydney

c2cglobal, (commitment to completion), is an interiors company facilitating quality solutions for commercial, education and hospitality fitouts.

Every 5 to 7 years, most organisations face one of the most traumatic times in a company’s existence, the need to relocate or refurbish their premises. When this scenario occurs, it’s important that you’re backed by a company that can handle commercial fitouts in Sydney. It becomes exceedingly important to handle this well if your company is growing and poised to handle a larger influx of customers who will demand more of your business.

Whether it is finding and fitting out new commercial office space or the need to remodel/refurbish an existing fitout, it is critical that the project goes smoothly to eliminate all the potential negative impact on your business.

You’ll need to have the equipment, material, and manpower readily available so that downtime is minimised and business can proceed as quickly as possible.

But where do you start? With such a complex event, there are an enormous number of factors that must be addressed and managed to deliver a successful outcome. Many companies that try to handle this significant change on their own can often end up plagued with setbacks caused by unforeseen circumstances brought upon by inexperience.

What if you could partner with an organisation that through experience, systems and leading edge technology can remove all the stress and miscommunication normally associated with interior fitout projects and allows you to relax and enjoy the process? What if you could find an organisation that frees you up to take care of managing the rest of your business during this very critical junction?

Our team at c2cglobal has all the necessary tools and experience to make this event a seamless process for our clients and their customers. It doesn't matter if you are in the commercial, education or hospitality fields, or you are in Sydney, Melbourne or the Southern Highlands, we can help.

To find out how we can help you with commercial fitouts in Sydney, contact us now and we would be happy to outline our unique approach to the drama that is commercial office fitout and refurbishment.


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The Exempt Development

The last of the 3 approval options available is the Exempt Development.

As the name suggests, this covers works where no consent is required and you can proceed without any approvals. It is extremely important to first confirm your fitout project meets the criteria of an Exempt Development before starting as it you do and then find out your project falls outside the parameters, it can be very difficult and costly to rectify the situation.

The Complying Development Certificate (C.D.C.)

The second and more common form of approval application is the Complying Development Certificate or C.D.C. 

This form of application was put in place in NSW around 1998 to allow for a swifter approval process for internal fitouts and modifications where there is no change of use or any external building works that impact on the building foot print or the perimeter walls.

The Development Application

A Development Application (D.A.) is an approval that must be done via the Council your property is located in. 

Generally most interior office fitout's or refurbishments do not require a D.A. and can be done under a C.D.C. (more on this at a later date) however, there are times when a Council D.A. is required.

Which Approval For You?

Obtaining the correct "approval" for your new interior office fitout or even a small office refurbishment is critical to ensuring you meet your obligations under State and Federal Law.

But where do you start? There are 3 possible options and it is importand to know what they are and which one best suits your project.

New On-Line Client Interface and Video

VideoStillThere is a saying that "the quality of the communication determines the quality of the outcome” and this is never more true than for the interior fitout industry.

As a way to improve the delivery to our clients, we wanted a web-based software program to help us organise, track, and communicate all of the details that will come together for the finished product. After lots of searching, we found the perfect tool that happened to be designed for custom home builders.

In some of the promotional material, you'll see some terms that sound more residentially-focused. However, the system works extremely well with commercial fitouts and allows us to keep our clients totally up to speed with each project from anywhere with internet access and is perfect for interstate projects.

The end result is we remove all the stress and surprises normally associated with complex building projects and allows our clients to relax and enjoy the process.

Click to watch video.